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We realise that life moves on and things change, and we advocate that your financial plan needs to evolve to stay adequate, appropriate, and effective.

In that regard, we tailor our advice and the means with which we provide same, to ensure we help our clients achieve what is most important, through long term planning and consistent updating of same.

The Process Flow

In order to ensure we are consistent and structured in our approach, we follow a process in dealing with our clients.

  • Introduction

    Firstly, we look to arrange an initial meeting at our office in Limerick, or at a location that works for you, such as your office or home. Here, we will have a high-level discussion around you, your current situation and circumstances, including any financial plans that are already in place.

  • Deep Dive

    We will then delve into more detail on your personal situation. Hold a discussion around your goals, ambitions, dependents and the important things in life, both now and in the future.

  • Build

    We will then take some time to build a plan, with a view to helping you achieve your goals and ambitions, while ensuring adequate protection and provisions are in place. We will hold a discussion with you on the place, and walk through it step by step, ensuring agreement and satisfaction with all solutions recommended.

  • Implement

    Upon agreement, we will then implement the plan, getting all agreed recommendations set up and in force.

  • Ensure Evolution

    This is how we ensure that the plan is consistently working for you. We consistently review the plan, monitoring it on a regular basis to ensure it is in line with goals. As life changes, sometimes the financial plan will have to change, and regular assessment of the plan, allows for the plan to evolve and stay effective.

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